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Maybe you need access to your land, your hunting plots, or your real estate investment. Perhaps you're a utilities provider looking to maintain accessibility to miles of power, water, or gas line right of way property. Whatever your needs, you can depend on CFM to clear the way to your success.



vegetation management at its finest

Brush Cutting Services: We only use the best brush cutters available in combination with late model tracked skid steers equipped with high-flow hydraulic pumps. Compared to the competition, our equipment cuts heavier brush and bigger trees in less time. That means we can do the same job better and at a lower cost to you. 

   Brush cutting differs from forestry mulching in several important ways and is therefore more suited to slightly different applications. Our brush cutters are perfect for heavy thickets, thorny brush, and smaller trees. Brush cutters are also the most efficient tool for reclaiming overgrown pastures and fields. Forestry mulchers are capable of removing much larger vegetation and are therefore more suited to clearing mature woodland growth. Some of our brush cutting services include:

  • Right of Way maintenance
    • ​​Ensure that your right of ways stay free of invasive species and aggressive grassy vegetation
  • Pasture Reclamation
    • ​Are your pastures overgrown with wild Bradford pear, sweet gum, and thorny growth? We can quickly and affordably remove this unwanted brush and return your land to a usable state.
  • Residential/Commercial Brush Removal
    • ​We can efficiently remove unwanted brush from your properties' fence lines, banks, borders, and wooded areas, improving the value and visibility of your investment.
  • Detention/Retention Ponds
    • ​Are your detention/retention ponds in dire need of cleaning? Our equipment and experience allows us to quickly return your drainage areas to their original condition.
  • ​Hunting plots/lanes
    • ​Looking to clear/maintain some food plots or hunting lanes on your property? Give us a call!