The short answer is that mulching is the most environmentally friendly method of clearing or brush control that currently exists. Why? For several reasons: First, like we mentioned before, root systems are left intact below the soil surface, meaning that the native topsoil is able to resist erosion. Second, the mulch or biomass that is produced is rich in nutrients that are returned to the soil through natural decay. The mulch acts much like a fertilizer. Forestry mulching actually improves that quality of native soils through this process. Third, because less machinery is required, no burning is required, and no hauling is required, less fuel is consumed and less pollution is created to accomplish the same task.

the new standard for efficient and environmentally friendly land clearing

Change is an important part of how we do things. Without being able to adapt, to alter techniques and strategies in light of new and better information, we cannot achieve the greatest potential, the greatest possible good. Forestry mulching allows us to modify an existing landscape in order to restore or establish utility and function WHILE improving soil composition, reducing erosion, and avoiding ecological dysfunction. In other words, it's efficient, it's sustainable, it's an investment in a greener future for your land.

We don't think it gets much better than that.


Forestry Mulching Services: We offer this service for a number of applications, many of which are similar to our brush cutting services. Forestry mulching differs from brush cutting in that a mulcher is capable of taking down and processing much larger material. This makes it the better choice for heavy woodland growth, initial access road/right of way/trail clearing, and lot or tract clearing. Some of our mulching services include:

  • Right of Way clearing
    • ​Quickly establish clear and accessible access roads/trails/right of way lines for your real estate, hunting land, or utility company without creating ongoing erosion problems that need constant repair or maintenance
  • ​Road Side clearing
    • ​Push brush and trees back off road shoulders to maintain state and local highway easements 
  • ​Hunting lanes/food plots
    • ​​Quickly create excellent hunting lanes and food plot areas in uncleared land
  • ​Lot/Large Tract clearing
    • ​Transform your real estate from an overgrown wilderness to usable, accessible property, improving the function and curb appeal of your investment while avoiding erosion problems and building or grading permit requirements
  • ​Detention/Retention Pond clearing
    • ​Efficiently clean your pond area without requiring grading permits. Mulching will also help you avoid costly repairs due to erosion-caused pond failures
  • ​Fire protection lines/breaks
    • ​Quickly and affordably create buffer zones to protect your timber investment from wildfires 
  • ​Site prep
    • ​Whether your a builder, tower installer, or just a land owner looking to build on a remote site, let us clear the way for your project
  • ​​Have questions about Forestry Mulching? See our brief Q&A below!


What are the benefits of mulching?


change your landscape 

The benefits are both short and long-term. In the short term, this method is an extremely efficient, one-step process using less equipment and manpower than conventional clearing. This results in a more affordable job cost. There are no burning and no haul-off costs. In the long-term, forestry mulching eliminates the stripping of valuable root systems and topsoil that is typical of conventional clearing. This stripping of soil and roots results in on-going erosion problems for the owner and greatly increases the difficulty of re-establishing desirable vegetation.

Whether it is a commercial, industrial, or residential project, we have the equipment and experience to complete the job to your specifications! We offer forestry mulching services in Greenville, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, and Spartanburg counties, as well as surrounding areas. Call us today!

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WHat is forestry mulching?

Forestry mulching is a method of land clearing and brush control in which unwanted trees and vegetation are reduced to a mulch-like material using specially designed equipment.