Excavation And Grading in Greenville

​Grading Services: From early site construction to building pad grade work, you can depend on CFM to get the job done to your specifications. Some grading services we provide:

  • Drainage solutions
    • ​This is for reshaping your land to achieve proper water runoff and protect your site from erosion problems
  • ​Driveway installation/material spreading
    • ​We can create the entry way or drive of your dreams, spread gravel/millings/stone for your site, or repair existing access roads
  • ​Site prep
    • ​Let us get your building site on grade and ready for concrete or a foundation
  • ​Pond installation
    • ​Have you always wanted a pond to compliment your estate? We can help!
  • ​Excavation
    • ​We offer excavating services for your piping, drainage, and building needs
  • ​Whatever your grading needs, we have you covered!

Grading...Sounds unimpressive, routine. But it's a deeper understanding of its purpose that informs our perspective on grading. To us, grading is reshaping the Earth, rebuilding the land in a new and useful way.  It's a rewarding job, creating the landscape that future generations will see.


A strong foundation is a sure future


      We offer fine and rough grading services for installing roads/driveways, concrete pad preparation, yard/land reshaping, drainage solutions, spreading millings/asphalt/ gravel, ect in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Oconee, and Pickens counties, as well as surrounding areas. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction! 

So don't put it off any longer...Start your project today!

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